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SNAP : HOW TO: Obtain an Employee ID Card
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HOW TO: Obtain an Employee ID Card

Summary: Obtain your UC Irvine Employee Identification Card from UCI Bookstore at the Student Center.

What you should doHow you should do it
1Visit UCI Bookstore to obtain your employee identification card
  1. Five days after the start of your employment, go to the UCI Bookstore, (949) 824-2665, to obtain your ID card.
2Obtain your ID card
  1. Bring a photo ID (such as a driver's license) and your UCI Employee ID Number to the UCI Bookstore, located at the Student Center.
  2. The attendant will take your picture and process your ID card.
  3. For hours of operation and other information refer to the UCI Bookstore website.

For more information refer to the New Employee menu.

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