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SNAP : Personal Property Damage or Loss
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Personal Property Damage or Loss

Summary: In most cases the University does not assume responsibility for loss or damage to the personal property of faculty, staff or students.

Under certain circumstances, where the loss is caused directly by the negligence of the University, coverage may be applicable.

When traveling internationally you may have coverage under the Business Travel Accident Insurance Program.

Filing a Claim

Alleged loss of or damage to property of an individual should be reported in writing by the claimant to Risk Management for evaluation and determination of possible coverage.

Send your information to Risk Management, 250 Public Services Bldg., ZotCode 4530.

Additional information may be found at the Insurance main menu.

Need an expert? Rick Coulon, Risk Manager, (949) 824-7419 or Quyen Levan, (949) 824-3257

Notice: University policies, procedures and applicable collective bargaining agreements shall supersede information in this document or elsewhere on this site.

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