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SNAP : Benefits Enrollment - Frequently Asked Questions
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Benefits Enrollment - Frequently Asked Questions

Summary: Answers to Benefits enrollment including passwords, benefits eligibility levels, coverage, enrollment forms, enrolling grandchildren, and insurance ID cards.

I am a new employee, what is my password?

The initial password for new employees is their 8-digit birthdate (i.e. for a birthdate of March 4, 1970, the initial password would be 03041970). Once you have input your birthdate, you will then be prompted to set a password of your choice.

I changed my password but I can't remember it, what can I do?

You can reset your password on the At Your Service website, by selecting Forgot Your Password? As a security precaution, you will be e-mailed a temporary password which you must retrieve and use within four hours.

What is a "BELI" code?

BELI (Benefits Eligibility Level Indicator) is a code that determines the level of benefits for which an employee is eligible.

What will determine my BELI code?

BELI codes are assigned to employees based on percentage of time worked and the length of an appointment as indicated at the initial time of hire.

What benefits are assigned to:

Eligible for:
Membership in the Retirement Plan; Full Insurance benefits: Comprehensive medical, Dental, Vision, Basic Life, Supplemental Life, Basic/Expanded Dependent Life Insurance, Short-term Disability, Supplemental Disability, Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D), Legal and FSA(flexible spending accounts: Health and Dependent Care).

Eligible for Mid-levels Benefits -
Comprehensive medical, Core Life Insurance, Supplemental Life Insurance, Basic/Expanded Dependent Life, AD&D and FSA.
Not eligible for membership in the University's retirement plan.

Eligible for Mid-level Benefits -
Comprehensive Medical, Core Life, Supplemental Life, Basic/Expanded Dependent Life, AD&D and FSA.
Not eligible for membership in the University's retirement plan.

Eligible for:
Core Medical, Core Life, AD&D, and FSA.

Employees with BELI code 5 through 9 are not eligible for benefits.

When will my benefits coverage begin?

Coverage begins on the first day of your eligibility. However, you must enroll within your Period of Initial Eligibility (PIE), 31 days from your hire or eligibility date. If you do not make a positive enrollment, certain defaults will occur which may be a disadvantage to you and your family members.

When will I receive my insurance ID cards?

ID cards are provided for the medical and legal plans. You should allow approximately 6-8 weeks after your enrollment data has been processed for receipt of cards.

Where can I get the enrollment forms I need?

For your convenience most UC forms can be found at the At Your Service website.

Can I enroll my grandchild?

You may enroll your grandchild up to age 23, if s/he is unmarried, living with you, supported by you or your spouse (50%), and you or your spouse claim her/him on your income tax. You will be required to provide proof of tax-dependency on an annual basis to retain eligibility status.

How can I enroll in the 403(b) plan and transfer my DCP funds?

Both of these transactions must be conducted at the Fidelity Investments website. You will need your Social Security number and you can set your password by selecting "New User" and follow the directions. Transactions completed by the mid-point of the month will appear on your next paycheck..

I can't enroll my new dependent in my insurance benefits on the Web.

Only employees new to UC or newly eligible employees may use the online insurance enrollment tool.
Current employees must enroll a new spouse or a newborn via the UPAY 850 form (used for enrollment, change, cancellation or opt out of insurance plans).
New dependents must be enrolled within 31 days of their eligibility date, which would be either the marriage date or birthdate.

For more information refer to the Health insurance benefits and Retirement and Investment menus.

Need an expert? If you have any questions concerning your benefits, please call the Campus Benefits Office

Notice: University policies, procedures and applicable collective bargaining agreements shall supersede information in this document or elsewhere on this site.

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