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SNAP : HOW TO: Implement Career Ladder Recruiting
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HOW TO: Implement Career Ladder Recruiting

Summary: The career ladder recruitment policy offers future growth and career opportunities within the same classification series. Career ladder recruitments should be used with positions where future growth is projected.

What you, the Hiring Manager, should doHow you should do it
1Determine if your position meets the criteria for a career ladder recruitment
  1. Review University of California, Recruitment Policy 20, Section D: Career Ladder Recruitment
  2. The beginning and ending classifications must be within the same class series

    Examples of jobs which qualify for career ladder recruitment are:
    • Adminstrative Assistant I, II, III
    • Programmer Analyst I, II, III, IV, V
    • Lab Assistant I, II, III

  3. Ensure you have appropriate budgetary funding and approval for the position. Use your internal process to obtain approval through your department head or Vice Chancellor.

2Develop job descriptions
  1. Develop a job description that reflects the requirements, skills, knowledge and abilities that must be performed at the lower classification within the series. You will need this job description for recruitment.

  2. Include the following text in the Job Summary, replacing the bold text with the appropriate titles for your recruitment:

    This job is designated as a Career Ladder Recruitment. The successful candidate will be hired at the lower classification title level and trained to fulfill duties at the higher classification title level. Once this level of knowledge and performance has been satisfactorily achieved, the position may be reclassified.

  3. Develop a second job description which reflects the requirements, skills, knowledge and abilities that are needed to be performed at the higher classification within the series. This is the level to which the lower position will eventually be reclassified. You will need this job description in order to develop an appropriate training plan for your staff member.
3Begin the recruitment process for the lower classification position
  1. Follow the guidelines on How to Recruit Staff and How to Hire Staff
  2. Career ladder recruitments will typically be listed as internal, for current UCI staff only. However, expanding a career ladder search to include external candidates is also possible.
4Prepare a written Development and Training Plan
  1. Prepare a documented plan which outlines the necessary skills, experience and training necessary for your staff member to qualify for the higher classification level position.
  2. The Training Plan must be reviewed and approved by your department head.
  3. Use the Sample Career Ladder Recruitment Development and Training Plan as a guide
5Monitor new employee's progress
  1. During the first year of employment, provide training per your Training Plan.
  2. Make adjustments as necessary to ensure that adequate and appropriate training is being delivered to the employee.
6Review new employee's performance
  1. Provide constructive feedback on work performance regularly.
  2. Help coach the employee toward their goal.
  3. Reclassification to the higher level can take place between 9 and 18 months after the employee has started, if the proper skills have been developed.
7Conduct a formal Performance Evaluation
  1. Follow the guidelines How to Conduct and Annual Performance Evaluation/Appraisal
  2. Use your Training Plan as a tool in the evaluation process to determine if the employee has met the training and development requirements to move to the higher level.
  3. Determine if the employee has a satisfactory (meets expectations) level of performance in the areas identified in your Training Plan.
8Reclassify the employee to the higher level
  1. If the employee has met all requirements and has a satisfactory (meets expectations) performance evaluation, they are eligible for reclassification.
  2. Follow the guidlines in How to Complete a Reclassification Request

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