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SNAP : Reduced Fee (Tuition) for Employees
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Reduced Fee (Tuition) for Employees

Summary: Educational benefits for UC Irvine staff include a reduction of fees for eligible UC degree programs as well as discounts for classroom courses offered by UNEX.

The program details can be found in:

  • A regular status employee who meets the admission requirements of the University is eligible for two-thirds reduction of both the University Registration Fee and the Educational Fee when enrolled in regular session degree courses of up to 9 units or 3 courses per quarter or semester, whichever provides the greater benefit to the employee.
  • Employees who are eligible to receive reduced fees under this policy are not eligible to receive an additional reduction in fees under the Policy and Procedures Concerning Part-Time Study.
  • The Reduced Fee program does not apply to University Extension courses -

How to apply for reduced fees

Degree programs

Application form

University Extension (UNEX) courses
  • UC Reduced Fee Program as outlined above does not apply to UNEX courses.
  • UNEX has its own 50% discount for staff and applies only to in-classroom courses and if the course does not have a 100% enrollment of paying students
  • University Extension Discounts
  • UNEX Reduced Fee application form - UCI Faculty and Staff
  • UNEX Access UCI Program - Study UCI undergraduate and graduate courses through Access UCI, also known as concurrent enrollment, without formal admission to the university. No UCI discounts available for these courses.

Additional resources

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