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SNAP : HOW TO: Become a University Notary
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HOW TO: Become a University Notary

Summary: The University has business-related reasons to provide on-site notary public services. University notaries provide services related to University or State business at no charge. Any fees collected for unrelated business (on or off campus) must be deposited with the UCI campus cashier.

Looking for a notary? - listing of University notaries

What you, the employee, should doHow you should do it
1Review departmental requirements
  1. Department agrees to pay for required expenses including course, exam, application fee, bond, errors and omissions insurance, membership, supplies, etc.
  2. Ensure that proposed applicant has necessary qualifications to be a California Notary.
2Submit signed request.
  1. Submit the approved Notary Request form to Purchasing.
  2. Notaries who have not submitted a form cannot perform on campus or be listed in the UCI Notary Directory.

Employees who come to the University with a commission and want to be a University notary should submit a Notary Request form.

3Follow application procedures
  1. The National Notary Association provides a single fee program to cover coursework, testing, bonding and related expenses.
  2. A background check by the FBI as well as the California Department of Justice is required. Before submitting fingerprints via live scan, applicants must first pass the notary public exam.
4Request a certification letter
  1. Contact Purchasing after receiving the commission packet to request a Letter of Employment Certification.
  2. The required documents must be filed with the Orange County Office of the County Clerk within 30 days of the Commission date.
5Perform notary duties in accordance with policies
  1. California Government Code 8200-8230
  2. Secretary of State Notary Public Handbook
6Deposit all fees with the University Cashier
  1. There is no charge for services for University or State business.
  2. No fee may be charged to a U.S. military veteran for notarization of an application for veterans’ benefits.
  3. Services performed for non-related business will be charged a fee not to exceed the maximum allowed by law.
  4. Any fees collected (on or off campus) must be deposited with the University Cashier in the department account specified in the Request form.
7Renew commission
  1. The term of office of a notary public is four years from the date specified on the Commission.
  2. To be reappointed the applicant is required to provide evidence that they have taken and passed the notary examination.
  3. Submit required information to Purchasing.
8Looking for a notary?
  1. See the listing of University notaries.

Need an expert? Contact Janice Atwell-Heth, Purchasing, ZotCode 4530, (949) 824-6536, Fax (949) 824-4115.

Notice: University policies, procedures and applicable collective bargaining agreements shall supersede information in this document or elsewhere on this site.

Author: Barbara Niemand Last published: 2013-06-11