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SNAP : Blanket Purchase Orders (BPO)
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Blanket Purchase Orders (BPO)

Summary: The Blanket Purchase Order (BPO) process is for the purchase of high risk, repetitive goods or services from a single supplier. Departments should use a PALCard whenever possible in lieu of establishing blankets for routinely purchased goods.

To ensure blankets are established by July 1, 2013, submit requisitions in PAL (Purchasing Accounting Link) by Friday, May 17, 2013. All blankets created in PAL will automatically convert to Kuali as the system becomes available.

BPOs are used when:

  • High value/high risk goods or services are required
  • Verification of supplier's liability insurance is required
  • An agreement is required

Typically Blanket Purchase Orders should be established for:
    • Preventive maintenance agreements
    • On-site freezer programs
    • Transportation services for patients
    • Bus charter service
    • High risk services and/or repairs for:
      • Windows
      • Water heaters
      • Boiler and HVAC equipment
      • Plumbing
      • Fire extinguishers
      • Fire doors
      • Tree trimming

    Blanket Purchase Orders should not be considered for the following commodities and suppliers:
    • Compressed gases (Airgas)
    • Drinking water (Arrowhead)
    • Janitorial supplies (Waxie, Cleansource)
    • Linens (Prudential)
    • Maintenance, repair, and operations - MRO (Grainger, McMaster Carr)
    • Office supplies (OfficeMax, Office Solutions)

    BPO Guidelines:
    • PO's with no activity or spend from the previous fiscal year will not be renewed
    • PO activity with only one or two payments will not be renewed - instead use a PALCard or Low Value PO (LVPO)
    • Blankets for new suppliers, based on the criteria above, may be created
    • Enter only one line item for each blanket purchase order
    • Request a blanket for the subtotal amount of required services, excluding taxes (if applicable)
    • Central Purchasing will be unable to process change orders on 2013/2014 blankets between now and June 30th, due to conversion capabilities
    • Limit the number of fund sources to six or less
    • Large Dollar BPOs
      • BPOs are subject to the same requirements (competitive bidding, justification, etc.) as other high dollar purchase orders. For large orders (>$50,000/yr.) submit your requisitions to Purchasing by May 17, 2013.

      • If a BPO involves a sole source award, include a justification that describes why no other item or firm can meet your specifications. Include the requisition number on any supporting documentation. See BUS-43, Part 3, Section III.
    How to:
    • Establish a new BPO:
    • Review BPO History Data:
      • Your BPO activity is available online via the Electronic Document Library (EDL) on report UCPO*100, or by using Data Warehouse. Use this information to help determine whether to renew and, if so, the dollar amount required.
      • Use your UCInetID to login to SNAP, select the 'Applications' tab and select Electronic Document Library or Data Warehouse.

    • Renew BPOs:
    • PALCard or LVPO - e-mail
    • EDI, PAL, or PALWeb - Office of Information Technology (OIT) Help Desk, (949) 824-2222
    • Blanket PO's - (949) 824-4040

    For more information refer to the Purchasing main menu.

    Need an expert? Contact the appropriate Buyer in Purchasing.

    Notice: University policies supersede information in this document.

    Author: Barbara Niemand Last published: 2013-04-11