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SNAP : Hiring Forms for New Employees' Signature
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Hiring Forms for New Employees' Signature

Summary: To complete the new hire process, make sure the employee signs the relevant documents and forms and has access to all necessary policies and resources.

Personnel/Payroll Forms Policies
Share UC Policies listed on the New Employee menu with all new employees.

The following resources will help you orient your new employee to UC Irvine:
If you need a large quantity of forms, contact the HR/Benefits Online Fulfillment Service or refer to How to Order Benefits forms and Publications online.

For more information refer to the Hiring main menu.

Need an expert? Contact Pablo Rodriguez, Personnel Coordinator: (949) 824-6273

Notice: Where the information presented in this document or elsewhere on this site is in conflict with University polices, procedures, or applicable collective bargaining agreements, the terms of those University policies, procedures and agreements shall govern.

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