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SNAP : HOW TO: Create a Blanket Purchase Requisition (using PALWeb)
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HOW TO: Create a Blanket Purchase Requisition (using PALWeb)

Summary: The Blanket Purchase Requisition is used when there is a need to repetitively purchase miscellaneous high value/high risk goods and services from a single vendor.

For general information refer to Purchase Requisitions/Purchase Order Changes - Guidelines - 707-11

A Purchase Requisition is not a Purchase Order. Do not give the number to a Vendor.

With the launch of KFS (Kuali Financial System) in July 2014, instructions given below may change. If you have questions, please e-mail the KFS Support Desk or call (949) 824-7001. KFS Training is available at UC Learning Center..

What you should doHow you should do it
1D0 you need a Blanket Purchase Order (BPO)?
  1. Review the BPO Transition to KFS (Kuali Financial System)
2Request access to PAL (Purchasing/Accounting Link) online system
  1. Use e-Login to obtain a Login ID and password for PAL and other administrative systems.
  2. Follow departmental procedures for getting approval to access campus administrative systems.
  3. The DSA (Department Security Administrator) will grant access using SAMS (Security Access Maintenance System).

3Obtain and review internal requisition
  1. Check for authorized signatures/approvals based upon departmental policy.

  1. Training is available but not required. Login to the UC Learning Center to see available courses.
5Enter requisition data
  1. In SNAP, select the Applications tab, then PALWeb.
  2. Select Requisition (D).
  3. Refer to User Guide for detailed information regarding PALWeb.

6Finalize requisition
  1. Complete and authorize online requisition.
  2. Send relevant documentation, noting the Requisition number, to Purchasing (quotes, sole source justification, etc.)
  3. Although discouraged, if prepayment is required, complete 'Check Request Form' and send to Purchasing. Include the Requisition # in the Purchase No. field.

Once the requisition is authorized online, it will print in the Purchasing Department for processing.

7 Retain departmental documentation
  1. Documentation consists of:
    • Internal requisition
    • Hard copy of purchase order (Optional)
    • Copy of invoice
    • Quotation / competitive quote if applicable
    • Proof of delivery (packing and/or delivery slip)
    • Additional notes, if applicable
  2. Documentation must be maintained according to UC Records Disposition Schedule. It may then be disposed of in recycle bins or trash receptacles.
8Renew a Blanket Purchase Order
  1. Review the instructions for renewing a BPO

For more information refer to the Purchasing main menu.

Need an expert? Contact the Office of Information Technology (OIT) Help Desk at (949) 824-2222 for PALWeb questions. Contact a UCI Purchasing Department Buyer for Purchasing Policy related questions.

Notice: University policies supersede information in this document.

Author: Barbara Niemand Last published: 2014-05-06