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SNAP : CHECKLIST: Supervisor's Preparation for New Employees (OnBoarding of New Staff)
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CHECKLIST: Supervisor's Preparation for New Employees (OnBoarding of New Staff)

Summary: Orientation is a shared effort between the supervisor, the new staff member, and others from the department. Early partnerships help to improve retention and foster an understanding of job expectations. This guide has been developed to help you orient new staff to their departments and jobs more effectively and provides a consistent method for orientation.

Topic Detail
Pre-Arrival Checklist
Before your new employee begins
  1. Send offer letter and a parking permit for the first day; inform employee about parking options near the office. Ensure they are scheduled for their pre-employment background check.
  2. Announce appointment to department or campus community (if appropriate)
  3. Assign a "buddy" for new employee for first month or more
  4. Set up a training plan for first weeks
  5. Direct new employee to view the e-NEO, UCI's online new employee orientation
  6. Prepare telephone, work equipment, computer, printer, business cards, supplies, stationery, and a personalized gift
  7. Set up personnel record
  8. Assemble new-hire paperwork required by UCI and your department.
  9. Ensure background check is complete

On the First Day
Complete paperwork and verify documentation
  1. Schedule lunch with the new employee
  2. Provide a tour of the department
  3. Introduce them to their "buddy" and department staff
  4. Provide timesheets and pay date information
  5. Ensure employee ID number is assigned to generate e-mail account and staff ID card

On the First Day
Have your new employee complete New Hire documents
  1. New employee signs the CSS (employment application) form
  2. Provide new employee with their Job Description
  3. I-9 employment eligibility verification form (.pdf)
  4. State Oath of Allegiance / Patent Policy / Patent Acknowledgment, W4, and BELI forms
  5. Guide new employee to the How to Enroll in Benefit coverage information and provide them with any necessary forms
  6. Demographic Data Transmittal form
  7. New employee completes emergency contact form
  8. UCRS 419 (Social Security Notification)
  9. Compensatory Time Agreement (for non-exempt staff)

On the First Day
Input information online
  1. Establish record of your new employee in the Payroll/Personnel System (PPS)
  2. Print IDOC (employee documentation form)
    • Review IDOC with new employee
    • Have new employee sign IDOC
    • Provide a copy of the signed IDOC to the new employee
    • Place original IDOC in the new employee's personnel record
  3. Set up employee's e-mail address
  4. Update the UCI telephone/e-mail directory with new employee's information

On the First Day
Review the following with your new employee
  1. Business card principles
  2. New Employee Information ZotPortal page
  3. Activation of UCInetID
  4. How to obtain a Parking Permit
    • If the employee wants a payroll deducted parking permit and if their name has not yet appeared in the payroll computer, please send the employee to the Parking Office with a letter stating their appointment is more than three months and is greater than 50%.
  5. How to enroll in benefits coverage
  6. How to use ZotMail
  7. Enrolling in training classes (after employee's third day of employment) in UC Learning Center
  8. Attendance standards
  9. Safety information/emergency evacuation procedures
  10. Breaks/lunch hours
  11. Procedures for reporting absences/tardiness
  12. Sexual Harassment policy
In the First Two Weeks
Make sure your new employee has done the following before the end of their first two weeks of employment
  1. Viewed the e-NEO program
  2. Enrolled for benefits within their Period of Initial Eligibility (PIE) - their first 31 days of employment
  3. Input supervisor information into UC Learning Center
  4. Completed Safety Training Self-Assessment in UC Learning Center
  5. Reviewed the Business Conduct Principles Reference Guide
  6. Requested a free ergonomic evaluation of their workstation
  7. Obtained a staff ID card from the UCI Bookstore
  8. Discussed recommended training for their position
  9. Discussed any questions related to the organization and your coordinating point
  10. Arranged on-going lunch meetings with staff buddy
  11. Scheduled regular update meetings with direct supervisor
  12. Obtained a listing of on-campus services
  13. Received training on how to report work-related injuries
  14. Received information on places to eat
  15. Received information about the University Club
  16. Received a glossary of terms used in your unit (if applicable)
  17. Visited the following websites:

At Three Months
You and your new employee should participate in these activities
  1. Supervisor and employee meet to discuss employee's performance during past 3 months
    • Supervisor provides feedback on positive aspects and areas for improvement
    • Make sure expectations are clear to correct any potential problems early
    • Provide positive encouragement for duties that have been performed well
  2. Supervisor documents performance items to assist with review process and, if necessary, for future disciplinary action
  3. Supervisor answers any questions about work, department, etc.
  4. Supervisor identifies a mentor to assist new employee with professional growth (if applicable)
  5. Supervisor actively manages the new employee's training goals
  6. Employee completes required safety training identified in UC Learning Center

Important milestones with your employee will occur at 6 months, 9 months, and during the twelfth month of their first year. Complete these actions during that period.

For more information refer to the Hiring main menu and to the New Employee Information menu.

Need an expert? If you have any questions, please contact Human Resources, (949) 824-5210.

Notice: University policies, procedures and applicable collective bargaining agreements shall supersede information in this document or elsewhere on this site.

Author: Steve Johnson Last published: 2013-09-03