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SNAP : Small Business Program Overview
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Small Business Program Overview

Summary: An overview of the Small Business Program (SBP) at UC Irvine. The SBP is part of Materiel Management.

Small Business Program


The primary function of the SBP is to help departments establish and maintain a process for providing equal access to opportunity for suppliers seeking to do business with the University.

Vision Statement:
The SBP implements the University's policy on equal opportunity in business contracting and serves as a link between the University and the small business community. Our goal is to:
  • Increase awareness of procurement personnel so that equal opportunity in business contracting is fostered in the purchasing process.
  • Ensure continued high level of diversity in the University's supplier and contractor pools through equal opportunity.
  • Identify additional small businesses for purchasing, construction, design and business contracts to enhance the quality of suppliers and contractors providing goods and services.
  • Establish a networking alliance with other organizations committed to promoting equal opportunity business contracting.
  • Collaborate and cooperate with small business development programs locally, and at other UC locations, for the purpose of promoting small business interests.
  • Improve departmental small business utilization by informing campus departments about the University's equal opportunity policy and providing a base of qualified sources.

Federal Small Business Subcontracting Administration:
The SBP serves as 'Plan Administrator' on federally funded research contracts of $650,000 or more. The SBP submits a subcontracting plan that projects a percentage of dollars that can be subcontracted to SBEs, DBEs, WBEs and DVBEs on federally funded research contracts. This becomes part of the University's contract with the federal funding agency. The SBP monitors and submits semi-annual reports to the funding agencies reporting subcontracting progress.

Statistical Reports: The SBP maintains databases on procurement activity. The Office of the President receives an annual report.

For more information refer to the Purchasing main menu.

Need an expert? Contact Katja Grigorova, Small Business and Sustainability Coordinator, (949) 824-5942.

Notice: University policies supersede information in this document.

Author: Barbara Niemand Last published: 2013-07-30