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SNAP : HOW TO: Initiate a Layoff - for Supervisors
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HOW TO: Initiate a Layoff - for Supervisors

Summary: Follow these guidelines when issuing layoff notices to UC Irvine staff employees.

What you, the supervisor, should doHow you should do it
1Consult with your Employee Relations (ER) Consultant
  1. Contact your ER Consultant to confirm compliance with the appropriate layoff provisions.
2Consider alternatives to layoff with ER Consultant
  1. Prior to layoff, consider termination of limited appointments, employment agreements, probationary employees or reassignment of regular status employees in career positions.

Note: only Teamsters employees may volunteer for layoff or reduction in time. Refer to Article 13.C.2.b

3Review the applicable layoff provisions
  1. Review applicable provision in the union contract or the PPSM (Personnel Policies for Staff Members) regarding the type of layoff, notification, severance and other requirements.
4Request seniority list
  1. Contact Melinda Rodarte, (949) 824-3328, for the official seniority list by classification within the applicable layoff unit.

  2. If retaining employee(s) regardless of seniority, submit written justification to ER Consultant who may consult with the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity (OEOD).
5Prepare layoff notice (and severance option election form, if applicable) specific to bargaining unit/policy
  1. Prepare written notice according to bargaining unit:

  2. If employee has the option of electing severance, prepare severance option election form and attach to layoff notice:

  3. Distribute copies of layoff notice to the following:
    • Employment
    • Benefits
    • Employee Relations Consultant
    • Union, if applicable
6Issue layoff notice (and severance option election form, if applicable) to employee
  1. After issuance of notice, advise employee to contact a Benefits or an Employment representative in Human Resources for assistance.

Need an expert? Contact your Employee Relations Consultant in Human Resources, (949) 824-5210

Notice: University policies, procedures and applicable collective bargaining agreements shall supersede information in this document or elsewhere on this site.

Author: Alice Martinez Last published: 2014-07-24